WELCOME to the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library Museum Website.

This website is an extension of the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum located in the McGlothen Temple Church of God in Christ Complex at 253 Gertrude Avenue, Richmond, California.

Since we are "partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light" (Colossians 1:12), it is important that we record history of this Holy Woman in the ministry. The establishing of the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum and the writing of Dr. Mattie McGlothen: A Virtuous Woman was a beginning of the chronicles of this great woman. Through this website, the chronicle will continue and make the visions of Mother McGlothen and resources on the Church of God in Christ more available.

We value our memories and feel that significant events and teachings should be noted, remembered, preserved and made available for others. We owe so much too so many in the development of the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum. The late presiding Bishop Louis Henry Ford's financial and moral support was insurmountable.

To our Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, former Presiding Bishop C.D. Owens and former Presiding Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson who personally visited the library and made substantial financial donations, the late Mother Emma F. Crouch and the long-time friend, co-laborer and ongoing supporter Mother Willie Mae Rivers, General Mother and President of the Women's International Convention.

The Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library Museum is a spiritual sanctuary of historic artifacts, revered with adoration by scholars and the public. The historic value of the library museum lie in the works of Dr. McGlothen, the contributions to the community made by the events that have transpired here and it's innumerable monetary value vested in the priceless pieces of its unrivaled collection in their sentiment.

For the many donations of books, photographs, artifacts, cassettes and videos, memorabilia, equipment and financial contributions to the Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum, we are grateful. The Dr. Mattie McGlothen Library/Museum Association, under the leadership of Elder Joseph Langston, has been invaluable in support and as an advisory group to the library. To the McGlothen family, who donated personal artifacts after Mom's demise, we are appreciative. This institution is for everyone and donations are welcome.

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